Vending Machines – Devblog 147

Short summary of what got changed/added:

  • Added Vending Machine: You are now able to craft and place vending machines! With the help of them you can automate your shop and make selling/buying stuff easier and more intuitive. It can be placed anywhere, but a doorway would be the best option – since it can be accessed on both sides.
    – Selling: Head to the back of the machine and hold E. Now you can manage the inventory and sell orders.
    To create sell orders you need to select what you’d like to sell for how much. Now stock up the inventory with the stuff you want to sell. But leave some spots empty for the items people paid with.
    – Buying: When standing on the front of the machine just press E when the “Shop”-text appears. There you can see all sell orders. Click the buy button next to items you can afford.
  • Armored door hatches: Added to both single and double armored doors, these view hatches can be opened and closed by holding E on the door.
  • Players who get EAC banned have their entities (deployables and building blocks) deleted automatically
  • Various Optimisations

More info can be found on


Added new flame turret sounds
Added placement sounds to more deployables
Polished a bunch of existing deployable placement sounds
Fixed UV errors on the metal chest plate
Fixed skinning errors on the female torso
Fixed random physics crash on server startup when loading big saves
Pause server manager (AI, stability, networking) while initializing the world
Refresh collider grid after initializing conditional models (server)
Refresh renderer grid in loading screen (client)
Improved anti hack system (mostly fly hack detection)
Made debug draw console commands admin only
Fixed exploit to craft uncraftable items via console
Improved lowest shader level
Deployed dynamic occlusion culling
Bolt rifle world model & prefab optimisation
Longsword world model & prefab optimisation
Waterpipe shotgunworld model & prefab optimisation
Ak47 world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged cleaver world model & prefab optimisation
Beancan world model & prefab optimisation
Stone spear world model & prefab optimisation
Water bucket world model & prefab optimisation
Bow world model & prefab optimisation
Hatchet world model & prefab optimisation
Bandage world model & prefab optimisation
Pickaxe world model & prefab optimisation
Fixed missing holdtype anim bug for Lr300, semi auto rifle, m249, flamethrower
Fixed wooden door skin not working
Added entity.deleteby( steamid ) to delete all player's entities
All player's entities are removed when they're EAC banned
Fixed error when opening steam inventory screen
Fixed workshop being broken (tag case sensitivity)
No fall damage when falling into shoulder height water
Flame Turret network optimization
Flame turret fireballs slow damage even more
Large Furnace has on/off controls on its loot panel
Large Furnace can only be accessed from its alcoves
Fixed Chocolate bar missing eat sound
Fixed Granola bar missing eat sound
Paper cost reduced to 5
Armored doors have functioning hatches
Added Vending Machine
Codelock light color fixes
In-Home streaming now functional ( mouse clicks )
Steam Controller now functional ( mouse clicks )

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