Auto Doors

Automatically closes doors, default is 5 sec

 /ad → disables automatically closing 
 /ad # → sets automatic door closing delay, # is a number between 5-30 sec

This is the small panel at the bottom of your screen.

/ipanel shows the available commands
/ipanel hide → hides the InfoPanel
/ipanel show → shows the InfoPanel
/ipanel clock game → The clock will show the in-game time.
/ipanel clock server <+/-hours> → The clock will show the RL time. You can add or remove hours.
/ipanel timeformat → shows the available time formats
/ipanel timeformat  → Select your favorite time format from the list.

The Kits will help you to get started and to settle on our server 🙂

/kit → see the full list of available kits for you
/kit KITNAME → choose a kit

Available Kits (Items/Amount can change, but will be announced)

/kit starter: Can be redeemed once per day
2000 Wood, 200 Metal Fragments, 1 Code Lock, 150 Cloth, 100 Animal Fat, 1 Hatchet, 1 Pick Axe, 5 Can of Beans, 1 Minershat

/kit amazing: Can be redeemed only once per wipecycle
2000 Wood, 2000 Stones, 200 Metal Fragments, 1 Large Present, 1 Supply Signal, 2500 Scrap

/kit donator: Can be redeemed every 3 days after a successfull donation - must be renewed with every wipe
3 Supply Signals, 200 HQM, 300 5.56 Ammo, 1 LR-300, 1 Pookie Bear
Minimum Donation is 3 Euro

Donate here or via Paypal:


The Teleportation-Plugin gives you the ability to set teleport points and to teleport to other players.

 /sethome NAME → Save your current position as the location NAME - Max 5 Homes
 /home NAME → Teleports you to the home location - Max 30 TP/Day
 /listhomes → Shows you a list of all your saved home locations.
 /removehome NAME → Removes the location of your saved homes.

 /tpr PLAYERNAME → Sends a teleport request to the player, name can be partial
 /tpa → Accepts an incoming teleport request.

 /town → Teleports you to the town. But be aware it takes some time to be set after a wipe!

 More Infos /tphelp

Keep track of various statistics.

/pc → Opens the leader board which will display the top 25 users from each category
Remover Tool

With the Rremover Tool you can easily remove parts of your building and deployables and get the materials back.
You need to have Building Privilege → Authorisation on the Cupboard
Everyone that is authorized on your cupboard is able to remove everything too, so choose your friends wisely!

/remove → removes the item you are looking at
/remove # → increases the timer, # is a number between 5-300 sec
Sign Artist

Upload images to signs!

/sil  → loads image from an URL, without <>
Example: /sil

If you like our server and want to support us, you can vote on the following sites and get some nice rewards as a thank you. → Vote every 24h → Vote every 24h

After voting you need to register your vote ingame with /vote to gain points.
Every Vote/Website is worth one point. Votepoints won't be wiped.

/rewards → lists all rewards with ID
/rewards ID → gets you the choosen reward, make sure to have enough empty slots in your inventory!
Looting Prevention

Your entities (boxes, furnaces, quarries, etc.) are protected from looting by other players.
But you can share entities with other players!
Players authorized at a cupboard can always loot all entities in the cupboard range!

To use commands, you need to look at your entity.
/share → allow access to all players
/share <username> → allow access only to certain players
/unshare → deny access from all players
/unshare <username> → deny access to specific players only
/sharelist → list of permissions for the entity
/shareclear → clear the list of permissions for the entity
Hunt RPG

You get XP when you gather stuff or build/upgrade buildings.
You get skill points when you level up to distribute.

To upgrade your skills use /hg

Stat points:

  • Agility: Increases your change to dodge attacks
  • Strength: Increases you Health
  • Intelligence: Decreases the crafting time

Skill points:

  • Lumberjack: Increases the gather rate for wood
  • Miner: Increases the gather rate for ores and stones
  • Hunter: Increases the gather rate from animals resources
  • Gatherer: You can gather more resources from pickup
  • Blacksmith: Increases the melting rate, every time a furnace fuel is consumed
    your furnace got a chance to produce X more result (Ex: metal frag)
    The X depends on skill level as well as the chance %

NightLantern automatically turns ON lights after sunset (8:30pm) and then turns them OFF after sunrise (6:30am).

Jack'O'Lanterns and Lanterns are ON by default.

/lantern campfire → Toggle automation on campfires you own
/lantern ceilinglight → Toggle automation on ceiling lights you own
/lantern firepit → Toggle automation on firepits you own
/lantern fireplace → Toggle automation on fireplaces you own
/lantern furnace → Toggle automation on furnaces you own
/lantern largefurnace → Toggle automation on large funaces you own
/lantern lanterns → Toggle automation on lanterns you own
/lantern jackolantern → Toggle automation on jack'o'lanterns you own
/lantern tunalight → Toggle automation on tuna can lights you own
/lantern searchlight → Toggle automation on searchlights you own

/lantern → shows which lights are enabled for you


Last modified: 19th August 2018