Holiday Season Giveaway #4

Take part in our last Holiday Season Giveaway !

The only thing you need to do: write a comment with the game you desire.
One comment per person. Multiple comments won’t increase your chance the win!

Winners will be announced here, in the steamgroup and with a steammessage.

We wish you good luck!
The Rust-PVE Team

This weeks games

Comments will close at Monday, 26th December at 5pm UTC+1 (German-Time)

Winners will be announced on Monday, 26th December at 6pm UTC+1 (German-Time)

Update: Our handmade (metal spring, rope, smg body) random generator has generated this results:

Winner Nr. 1: Darius (RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe)

Winner Nr 2: oLeX (Shelter 2)

Congratulations to both of you and have fun with your game!


Thank you all for participating! 🙂


  1. oLeX
    19 December 2016

    Thanks for everything you guys have done! Game – Shelter 2

  2. 19 December 2016

    Can i win two games? => shelter 2

  3. The Swede
    19 December 2016

    Give it à new try 🙂 Shelter 2

  4. Darius
    21 December 2016

    Excellent server and ppl! Happy Holidays! Me wants Roller Coaster plz!

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