Holiday Season Giveaway #1

During december we’ll be hosting 4 different giveaways.

Every week you can get one of two free games to increase your steamlibrary.

The only thing you need to do is write a comment under this post using the comment-form provided below.
One comment per person. Multiple comments won’t increase your chance the win!

Winners will be announced here, in the steamgroup and with a steammessage.

We wish you good luck!
The Rust-PVE Team

This weeks games



Comments will close at Monday, 5th December at 5pm UTC+1 (German-Time)

Winners will be announced on Monday, 5th December at 6pm UTC+1 (German-Time)

Update: Our first Winner is Xalatus! Congratulations and have fun with Windward!

One Comment

  1. Xalatus
    4 December 2016

    mh.. nice new Site … clear and tidy …
    but i think … to big “banner” on this page” … a bit color in titles on all pages (for contrast) and lower space between the paragraphs on the server-page are friendlier … i think, how ever the resolution the screensize from the viewer is, home/staff/support-page can built up with less oder better without scrolling … im not sure, but impressum ? … just my 2 cents … greets, Xalatus

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