Harbours – Devblog 142

With todays update the whole server got wiped!
We’ll all start from scratch again.

Short summary of what got changed/added:

  • Added a small and a large Harbour to the map! They can be found along the coastlines (who would’ve thought?) and have no radiation.
  • Facelift for the Warehouses
  • Stricter high wall placement: The high walls entire bottom must be touching the ground! Placing them on hills is now challenge…
  • Some performance improvements
  • Christmas content is disabled

More info can be found on https://playrust.com/devblog-142/


Slowly fade in death screen instead of suddenly appearing
Added renderinfo diagnostic command (windows)
Fixed torch worldmodel high vert count
Fixed hatchet worldmodel high vert count
Fix burlap phys impact voice limiting 
Stricter voice limiting on bullet flybys
Fix bear footsteps not playing when a bear is running and turning
Sound occlusion can't be disabled via the console
Ambience polish
Added harbor monuments to the world generation
Updated various monument assets
Building optimizations
Gib optimizations
Fixed tree base snow piles not culling
Fixed bypassing forced shadows with console
Fixed bunker room building exploits
Fixed god mode exploit
Fixed construction creation message exploits
Fixed high external wall placement exploit
Added object instancing optimizations
Fixed player rock LODs
Added Distance Culling to Beds
Added Distance Culling to Pookie
Added Distance Culling to Rock
Fixed ParticleSystems eating up cpu when disabled

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