Farming 1.5 – Devblog 140

Short summary of what got changed/added:

  • Added Large Planter Boxes: You can now plant seeds inside your base! Plants grow 3 times faster in Planters than outside in the dirt
  • Stockings will only refill if they are empty, and each refill costs it 10% of its health until it’s destroyed

More info can be found on


Fixed water occasionally not visible when exiting caves
Fixed billboard shadows in OSX/GL
Added culling to projected cave decals (performance)
Fixed some minor server side line of sight verification issues
Fixed pumpkin and santa hat being invisible
Fixed partially harvested ore nodes showing up as fully intact
Fixed cave building exploits
Reduced networking MTU size from 1430 to 1400
Added periodic position updates with server side verification to projectiles
Fixed projectile ricochet verification issues
Fixed parts of the bear corpse not being harvestable
Tweaked weapon reload verification
Fixed endless vm bandage bug
Fixed vm flamethrower flickering hand bug
Added clothing world models
Updated santa hat art
Added Large Planter
All plants must be placed atleast 0.5m of eachother
Plants now have a placement guide
Enabled Holiday Content

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