Watering Plants – Devblog 145

Short summary of what got changed/added:

  • Farming 1.8: You’re now able to make out distressed plants by their color. So keep watering them!
    The yield is based on how much water the plant absorbed during its growth cycle, but each plant requires different amounts of water.
    Example: unwatered pumpkin-plant will produce 1 pumpkin, but properly watered it can produce up to 3,
    Corn produces 2 ears, but can produce up to 6. Hemp produces only 10 cloth, but will produce up to 40 when taken care of!
  • Various Optimizations

More info can be found on https://playrust.com/devblog-145/


Downgraded to Unity 5.4.2f2
Fixed item ownership memory pooling
Fixed minor memory leak on server join
Fixed garbage collections from cave triggers
Fixed exception when removing locks with thrown items stuck in them
Fixed entity bounds issues on collectables
Fixed server entity leak when dropped item falls out of world bounds
Fixed thrown items sometimes appearing at wrong position when parent is destroyed
Fixed floating attachments when picking up weapons
Fixed rare exception when writing empty streams to network
Fixed error when clearing the memory pool
Fixed some unused components not being stripped from client / server builds
Added “free” console command (frees all possible memory)
Fixed skins not working
Fixed bow/crossbow double shot sound
Fixed rare sound NRE
New Recycler sounds
Distant gunshot polish
Explosion polish
Misc minor sound fixes and mix tweaks
Stone hatchet world model optimisation 
Salvaged hammer world model optimisation
Rocket launcher world model optimisation
Pump shotgun world model optimisation 
Revolver world model optimisation
Slightly reduced cost of waterpipe
Reduced cost of double barrel
Removed gear cost from landmine
Reduced blade cost of metal barricade
Reduced stone cost of stone/concrete barricades
Oil barrels also produce a small amount of low grade fuel
Reduced recycler volume slightly but increased radius
Slightly nerfed meat food items
Buffed corn/pumpkin food yield
Visual plant hydration via tinting
Reworked plant water yield - x water over y time = z yield
Minimum 2 clones from plants
Quartered arrow crafting time
Halved bolt/ak/sar/smg/sap/thompson crafting time
Lowered beartrap crafting time
Lowered autoturret crafting time
F1 grenade is mainly antipersonnel now, barely any construction damage
F1 grenade much cheaper and doesn't require a spring
F1 grenade quicker throw time/snappier feeling

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