New Revolver and Genetics – Devblog 144

Short summary of what got changed/added:

  • Added Python Revolver: it’s a slow firing, high-damage pistol. It isn’t great at range, but is better than the other revolver and the P250. It only has 6 shots and high recoil.
  • Farming 1.7: When you place a seed, the created plant has random genetics. Right now these genetics determine its growth speed. If you notice one plant is growing much faster than the rest, it is probably due to it having good genes. I’ve added a system that allows you to take a clipping of a plant by holding down E instead of just harvesting it.
    The G-number associated with the plant indicates its genetics, a value from 0-10000. The higher the number, the better the genes. You can replant the clone just like you would a seed and selectively breed only the best plants.
  • Resources and junk piles won’t spawn next to your base
  • Various Optimizations

More info can be found on


Player model aim better representative of where player is aiming
Optimized player animation
Can see when other players are using ironsights
Improved wolf sounds
New sounds for python revolver
Sound mix tweaks
Optimized client side player entity rigidbodies
Resource spawns check for players and constructions in a radius
Junkpiles check surrounding terrain when spawning
Fixed server errors when shooting junkpiles
Improved spawn handler respawn rate using multiple retries (easier balancing)
Allowed “graphics.shadowmode 2” on quality level 2 and above
P250 damage falloff increased
Added Python
Plants visibly grow over time instead of snapping to their next stage
Can take clones of plants
Plants have genetics shared by clones
Plants always have a small seedling visible when planted

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