Welcome to the server where PVE means PVE!

As our name suggests we are an european server, feel free to join our friendly and helpful international playerbase.

PVE means you won’t attack, steal and grief other players and their buildings.
And they won’t do that to you. This is the most important rule. Break it and you’ll probably get banned!
But still the best is to always lock your doors, put window bars in your windows and add a roof on your house!

We encourage you to play and build together, help each other and trade items/resources/whatever.
But also to respect the privacy of other players and eventual wishes to be left alone.
You can be creative and build big castles, a village or a hermit hut on the highest mountain.

Live Map:

How to Connect:

– Start the Game
– Open the console with F1
– Write/Paste the following and hit enter or just click the link:
client.connect 3134.255.236.113:28015

Wipe Schedule:

We’ll only wipe the server when game updates force us to do so.

Server Rules & Punishments:

1. Don’t raid, grief and loot other players, their (unfinished) houses, mining equipment, private Airdops and Heli crates.
2. Don’t cheat and don’t abuse bugs/exploits.
3. Play fair and respect other players.
4. If you use a public quarry, stay there until you are done with it!
There will be no more refunds for “Someone took my lgm/hqm out of the quarry while I was away for only one minute”!

Execution of Punishments:

We’ll ban accordingly to the offense. Breaking Rule 1 will almost always result in a permanent ban.
Banned players and reason will be published in our steamgroup.

Server Features:

– active admins
– friendly & helpful playerbase
– undestructable bases
– strict PVE (PVP is off)
– high stacks


We would like to welcome you on our server.

Schwarzbrotkatze & Koalasteak